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Philadelphia Business Sale Lawyer

Buying or selling a business is a major transaction. Without doing proper due diligence, it’s possible to take on liabilities you had no idea you were accepting or possibly lose assets you didn’t know you were selling. At Ellenberg Law Group, we have helped both business buyers and sellers bring some order to the experience. We are pleased to help either side in a business transaction, so contact our Philadelphia business sale lawyer to get started.

Helping Buyers & Sellers

Business transactions require more than cashing a check or accepting the keys to a building. Substantial preparation is necessary for the sale to go off without a hitch. Because many complicated legal issues arise during purchase and sale, hiring an experienced business sale lawyer is your best bet.

We have helped sellers:

  • Value a business properly. It’s difficult to value businesses, especially in fluctuating economic conditions. This is a critical step, however, if you hope to maximize the value of your investment. We often work with valuation experts to arrive at a realistic number.
  • Collect necessary financial records. Buyers will want to see certain financial information, like bank records, and we can collect and organize it.
  • Protect intellectual property. You might never have registered trademarks, service marks, copyrights, or patents. We can increase their value by registering it with the government.
  • Investigate buyers. Some business owners are selective about who they sell to. We can analyze the business background of any potential buyer.
  • Maintain confidentiality. During the sale process, you might need to disclose sensitive proprietary information, such as customer lists, trade secrets, and employee information. You want to maintain the confidentiality of this information, and we can draft nondisclosure agreements to be signed by all relevant parties.

Our legal team can also step in and support buyers in the business sale process:

  • Draft a purchase offer. You might not have time to do this, and we can include contingencies in the offer to protect you.
  • Investigate possible liens or other liabilities. These can substantially reduce the value of a business. Nothing is worse than discovering the company you buy is being sued two weeks after you close, or a creditor is closing on collateral.
  • Analyze business contracts, including leases. We ensure these contracts work to your advantage and might recommend canceling or renegotiating unfavorable ones.
  • Negotiate with the seller on purchase price. An experienced attorney can assist negotiating with the other side. Based on our analysis of cash flow, assets, and liabilities, we can push for a number that works for you.
  • Close the deal. We can handle all paperwork and make sure closing goes as smoothly as possible.

Each business sale is different, and the above is only a general outline of the work we perform on behalf of clients. We can discuss your sale or purchase in greater depth.

Contact Ellenberg Law Group Today

Buying or selling a business can be an exciting experience. Nevertheless, even experienced business executives need legal advice and protections. To find out how we can help, call Ellenberg Law Group to discuss any upcoming transaction with our Philadelphia business sale lawyer.

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