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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Get the Care and Compensation You Need to Recover to the Fullest

When you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you’re left with doctor bills, lost income, physical pain, emotional distress, and a total disruption in your life. You may be totally unprepared to deal with all of the costs and changes to your life the accident has brought, and if you are disabled from working, even temporarily, you may have very real concerns about how in the world you’ll be able to keep your family and household afloat, much less pay for the medical care you need to recover to the fullest extent of your ability.

Pennsylvania law allows you to recover compensation from the negligent party who caused your injuries. Unfortunately, the insurance company responsible for paying your claim will try to convince you to accept far less than your claim is actually worth, and far less then you will actually need. An attorney who is experienced in personal injury cases will know how to determine the value of your claim and how to litigate your case to achieve a full and fair settlement or win a jury verdict at trial if necessary.

Ellenberg Law Group is a litigation law firm with experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers capable of handling the most serious injury cases. Our firm handles the full range of personal injury accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania and can help you get compensation for the harm done to you in any situation, including all of the following:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pennsylvania’s no-fault auto insurance law provides up to $5,000 in medical payments if you are injured in a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident. It is only possible to pursue a negligence claim against the at-fault driver if you suffered a “serious injury” as set out in the terms of your policy. If this is the case, how much you can recover then depends on whether you opted for limited tort or full coverage, and whether you are able to prove a case of negligence against the other driver. Contact Ellenberg Law Group as soon as possible after an accident. We’ll guide you through your options and make sure the necessary steps are taken to secure your rights. Where applicable, we’ll pursue a claim against the other driver and work to get you the maximum compensation available.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Property owners must maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for customers, guests and business visitors. This duty may include warning the public of existing dangers, or inspecting the premises and promptly fixing any hazards that exist. Property owners try to blame the slip and fall victim for being negligent, or they claim they did not have time to discover the danger before the accident occurred. We work hard to uncover the facts and build a strong fact that proves the property owner’s negligent failure to maintain a safe premises.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and hospitals are liable for medical mistakes that occur when physicians and other medical professionals fail to perform according to the reasonably expected standard of other professionals in the medical community. Our medical malpractice lawyer helps victims of medical errors including surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, birth injuries, negligence and incompetence that puts the patient in a far worse position than before they sought medical treatment.

Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries, and workers face risks every day on the job. Jobsites can and should be safe environments if contractors and employers provide the necessary safety equipment and training and ensure a safety culture is practiced on the construction site.

Defective Products

Manufacturers can be held strictly liable when they put defective products on the market that wind up injuring a consumer. Our personal injury law firm will go up against auto makers, pharmaceutical giants, and the biggest corporations for injuries caused by products that were defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or failed to contain adequate instructions and warnings for their safe use.

Nursing Home Negligence

Coming Soon.

Wrongful Death

When another’s wrongful act, neglect, unlawful violence or negligence has taken an innocent life, we’ll work to hold the responsible party accountable in some measure for the harm done to surviving family members. Pennsylvania law allows for a surviving spouse, children or parents to recover medical and funeral expenses as well as payment for lost income and household services, and the companionship which has been lost. Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers will simultaneously pursue a Pennsylvania survival action as well, to recover the maximum in compensation for the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys are Here for You after a Serious Accident in Philadelphia

Suffering a personal injury can be a stressful and challenging time. We’ll do our part to ease that stress and challenge by taking on the burden of recovering compensation on your behalf, so you can focus on getting better and getting your life back together. After a serious accident or injury in Philadelphia, call Ellenberg Law Group at 215-790-1682 for a virtual consultation with an experienced, dedicated and compassionate Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

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