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Philadelphia Extraordinary Ability O Visa Lawyer

Obtaining an O visa allows a foreign national with extraordinary ability to enter the United States and work in their chosen field. There are many different types of O visas, and they each have different eligibility requirements. Even the smallest mistake on an application can result in a denial. If you or someone you know wishes to obtain this type of visa, a Philadelphia extraordinary ability O visa lawyer can help you obtain one and will make the process as smooth as possible.

O-1 Visas

The O-1 visa is available for non-immigrant individuals who have an extraordinary ability in business, science, athletics (in the case of O-1A visas) and individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in film, television, or the arts (in the case of O-1B visas.) To be eligible for an O-1 or O-1A visa, individuals must present evidence that they have received an international award of significance, such as a Nobel Prize. Those who cannot present such evidence must meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of nationally or internationally recognized awards or prizes for excellence,
  • Membership in an association that requires outstanding achievement as a condition of membership, with experts in the field making this judgment
  • Material published in trade or professional publications, or qualifying media regarding the work of the individual
  • Original contributions considered very significant in the individual’s chosen field,
  • Articles or studies published in professional or scholarly journals or other qualifying media
  • Proof of earning a salary that is higher than average in the field, or
  • Proof of employment in an essential or critical capacity for establishments or organizations that are considered distinguished

O-1B Visas

O-1B visas allow individuals of extraordinary ability in the film or television industry, or in the arts, to enter the country. Individuals applying for an O-1B visa must have been nominated for or won a prestigious award in their chosen field, such as an Academy Award or a Grammy. In the absence of such recognition, individuals can meet at least three of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Proof the individual performed or intends to perform services in productions or events that have achieved notoriety as shown through publicity releases, reviews, advertisements, endorsements and contracts, or publications,
  • Proof the foreign national has achieved international or national recognition using evidence such as published materials, such as critical reviews,
  • Proof the individual has performed, or intends to perform in an essential role for an establishment or organization with a prominent reputation,
  • Proof the foreign national has a record of critically acclaimed or commercial success as shown by box office receipts or movie or television ratings, or
  • Proof the individual earns a salary that is higher than average when compared with other professionals in their industry

Contact Our Extraordinary Ability O Visa Lawyer in Philadelphia Today

The above are just two types of O visas that can help foreign nationals and their families. At Ellenberg Law Group, our Philadelphia O visas for extraordinary ability lawyer can explain the options available to you and give you the best chance of success with your application. Call us now at 215-790-1682 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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