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Philadelphia Consular Cases & Waivers Lawyer

Someone living abroad can obtain a green card through consular processing. This process involves visiting the U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country and having an interview with an official who will ultimately decide whether to approve you. Those officials who process these applications often read information quickly and make snap judgments. Sometimes, something in your background will prevent you from receiving approval unless you are granted a waiver. You can help your odds of receiving approval by working with an experienced Philadelphia consular cases & waiver lawyer.  Please contact Ellenberg Law Group today to find out more about whether we can help with a consular case.

Understanding Consular Processing & Waivers

If someone is already living in the United States, they can apply for a green card without returning to their home country. Those not in the U.S., however, will go through consular processing. This is a critical step to receiving permission to travel to the United States and live here legally.

The process starts when someone files an immigration petition on your behalf. Usually, this is an employer or a family member. Those seeking asylum or refugee status might also go through consular processing.

Once a petition is submitted, you must wait for a decision. If approved, you receive an immigrant visa number and an appointment for an interview at the consulate with an official.

An attorney is a big help with preparing for your consular interview. We can advise you about what to expect, such as what questions the official is likely to ask you. You will also need certain paperwork and vaccinations, which we can discuss. If everything goes as planned, you will receive a Visa Packet, which you present at the port of entry when you travel to the States. Once admitted to our country, your green card should arrive within 45 days.

Some applicants are barred from obtaining an immigrant visa because of criminal convictions or because of a prior deportation. For example, someone who was in the U.S. illegally for more than a year will be barred for 10 years from re-entering.

Helpfully, we might request a waiver for any ground of inadmissibility, but the process is difficult. No one is entitled to a waiver, and we might need to gather an extensive amount of evidence on your behalf here in the U.S. The consular process is especially challenging for those who are ineligible.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

Coming to live in the United States is a dream for many, especially those with family already living here. Consular processing might be the only way to come here legally to live with them and/or work. Ellenberg Law Group can consult with anyone who has questions about whether they need a waiver due to criminal convictions, deportation, or another issue. We can also oversee the entire application process, working with U.S.-based employers or family members who will need to file a petition on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your case with a Philadelphia consular cases & waivers lawyer.

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