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Philadelphia Small Business Lawyer

Small businesses need legal advice every bit as much as large corporations do. However, smaller businesses might not have the resources to hire someone full-time to work as in-house counsel even if they face pressing legal issues. This is where we come in. Ellenberg Law Group provides legal solutions for small businesses in the Philadelphia area. We can help with any issue, from business formation to employment lawsuits to contract disputes. To find out more about how we can help, call one of our Philadelphia small business lawyers today.

We Provide Full-Service Representation to Philadelphia Small Businesses

Here is just a small sampling of the work we can do on your behalf:

  • Business formation. To get off the ground, you would benefit from a lawyer’s help choosing the correct entity form and filing necessary paperwork with the state. A business should also have certain foundational documents, such as a partnership agreement or bylaws, which will explain how the business is run. Without them, disputes between owners could spell the death of your business.
  • Contract drafting. Businesses use contracts for all sorts of purposes. We can help negotiate and draft vendor contracts, licensing agreements, employment contracts, severance agreements, and many more. An attorney can help protect you in the event of foreseeable contingencies.
  • Intellectual property (IP). We can help you protect your trademarks, service marks, copyrights, and trade secrets by registering them or drafting non-disclosure agreements. Intellectual property increasingly makes up a larger share of a company’s worth. If you hope to sell your business someday, you need to protect IP
  • Employment disputes. Terminating employment isn’t easy, even in an at-will employment state like Pennsylvania. We can defend your company from allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, and unfair labor practices.
  • I-9 eligibility verification. Workers must be authorized to work in the United States, and employers need to verify a workers’ identity and authorization. Mistakes are costly, and some business owners have faced fines and criminal penalties for being lax.
  • Business litigation. Disputes involving contracts, intellectual property, trade disparagement, or unfair business practices can cost you time and money. We always keep an eye on the bottom line as we represent your interests in court.
  • Many businesses need to file reports, renew licenses, and perform other time-consuming compliance to stay in business.
  • General business advice. Small business owners need to think about their legal exposure before signing contracts, buying a business, or selling assets. We can provide an overview so you make an informed decision.

The above represent only a fraction of the services we offer a business client. We can work with any company in the Philadelphia area, regardless of industry.

Your On-Call In-House Counsel

Our firm has established long-standing relationships with many small businesses. Although many business owners see legal advice as a cost, it can save you considerable sums in the long run. Let us get to work for you. To schedule a time to meet or talk, contact one of our Philadelphia small business lawyers today.

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