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What to Do If Your Property and Casualty Insurance Claim Was Denied

Property and casualty insurance protects you and your assets and includes homeowners insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, and condo insurance. Standard property and casualty insurance policies cover many types of damages and losses, but not all. A claim can be denied for various reasons, but you may be able to challenge the denial.

In order to dispute the denied property and casualty claim, you should:

  • Review Your Claim and Coverage: Know exactly what your insurance covers before filing your claim minimize the risk of a gap in insurance coverage. It is helpful to fully understand what your policy includes and be sure to check for exclusions, review your deductible, and familiarize yourself with the claim submission process.

  • File an Appeal: It is possible that the claims adjuster made a mistake so you can all your insurance company and ask for your home insurance claim to be reviewed again or request a new examination in light of new information. When filing an appeal, have the right documentation and show which item was damaged, how it was damaged, condition of the item before damage, and that you were not responsible for the damage.

  • Request Another Professional Opinion: If your request for re-examination of the claim is denied or the claim was denied again, you may want to get another professional opinion. You have the right to hire an independent appraiser or public insurance adjuster to help settle your claim.

  • File a Complaint: If the claim was denied again after hiring a third party or you were offered too low of a settlement, you could register a complaint with the state insurance department. The insurance department would then investigate the situation and determine whether or not the insurance company is in the right.

Fighting a claim denial can be complicated and a long a process. Get in touch with the Ellenberg Law Group for help with appealing clam denials or to learn about your options. Our Philadelphia lawyers are experienced and skilled advocates for clients and help our clients get their money. Contact our law firm now to arrange your completely confidential initial legal consultation. With a legal office in Philadelphia, we provide legal services to businesses throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including in Montgomery County, Chester County, and Bucks County.

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