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What Is The Difference Between An E1 Visa And An E2 Visa?


As described by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), E visas are a specialized type of work-related visa designed for temporary traders/investors who are coming to the United States for a limited period of time. Most E visa holders must apply for the E-1 visa or the E-2 visa. Here, our Philadelphia immigration attorney explains the most important things that you need to know about the differences between E1 visas and E2 visas.

An Overview of E-1 Visas (Treaty Trader Visa) 

E-1 visas are a type of nonimmigrant visa available to individuals from certain countries who wish to engage in international trade with the United States. In order to qualify for an E-1 visa, an applicant must prove that they meet the following three criteria:

  1. Be a foreign national of a country the U.S. had a commerce treaty with;
  2. Carry on a qualifying amount of substantial trade; and
  3. Establish that the trade is between the U.S. and your E-1 treaty country.

As a general rule, E-1 visas are valid for up to an initial stay of two years. Though, an E-1 visa may be eligible to be extended for an additional period of time if substantial trade is still ongoing. If you have questions about applying for an E-1 visa, we can help.

 An Overview of E-2 Visas (Treaty Investor Visa) 

E-2 visas are a type of nonimmigrant visa available to individuals from certain qualifying countries who wish to invest in a U.S. business. In order to qualify for an E-2 visa, an applicant must prove:

  1. They are a national of a country that the U.S. maintain a commerce treaty;
  2. They have invested—or are within the process of investing—a significant amount in an American based enterprise; and
  3. They are attempting to enter the U.S. to further or direct that investment.

An E-2 visa is generally valid for an initial period of five years. It may be extended for another two years if certain conditions are met. If you have any questions about applying for an E-2 treaty investor visa, our Philadelphia immigration lawyer is here to help.

 An Attorney Can Help You Obtain the Right Immigration Visa 

An attorney can help you navigate the process of obtaining the right E visa for your situation. To start, our Philadelphia immigration lawyer can review your situation and help determine which E visa category is right for you. From there, our attorney can assist you with all aspects of the application process, including gathering and organizing the documentation and evidence you will need to submit to the U.S. government as part of your E visa application.

 Schedule a Confidential Consultation With a Philadelphia Immigration Attorney

At Ellenberg Law Group, our Philadelphia immigration lawyer has the professional skills and legal experience that you can count on. If you have any questions about E-1 visas or E-2 visas, we can help. Call us now or contact us online to set up a confidential consultation. From our Philadelphia office, we provide immigration law representation throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.


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